Sunday, May 1, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

Facebook Liking

So I have a standard when it comes to what I like on the ol' Facebook. If I see something, and I like it, I will hit the like button.

What? Not enough? Fine. Social Media fascinates me to no end. In the movie "The Social Network", Facebook is referred to as THE idea of the past decade. Why? Well, I think Facebook has spun out of the internet phase of our culture. Which is probably the most revolutionary thing to happen in the past 30 years. At least in the top 5. Internet changed the way we live. It's kinda scary. It interconnected everyone. It both a good and bad way.

Heck, this blog and all the things on it are a result of the internet. I have no point to this post, other than to get you thinking about the internet and all of its implications on our lives. Its such a funny thing. Having internet is more important than having television. It's crazy.

That being said, I am going to put this blog up on Facebook and Like it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh Marley. How you decieve.

So. Marley & Me. You remember this movie? It was the movie with the goofy commercials starring Owen Wilson, messing around with a dog that got into 'mischief' while Baha Men's "Who Let the Dogs Out" blared in the background.

Well, I never watched it. The advertising never appealed to me. Don't know why. But I ended up watching it. But, uh, kind of without planning to.

I got sick last Saturday night. It wasn't really pleasurable. Nothing crazy it just kept waking me up. I'd go to the bathroom. Fall back asleep. Repeat. I was by myself Saturday night so I decided to go to the Living room and sleep on the couch and watch a movie, to coax me back to bed. I started at 3am, and with "Knight & Day" which I rented from Redbox. The first half of the movie was pretty solid, but I didn't get to see the second half cause the dvd was jacked up. Awesome. Still wasn't asleep.

So I decided to see what collection of movies my roomate had laying around and I discovered "Marley & Me". I won't get into this, I thought. It's a movie about a goofy dog. Original it wasn't.

But 2 hours later, with a bathroom break or two keeping me up, I ended up watching the movie and thus, at 6am, by myself, in my apartment, sick, I was crying my eyes out like a child, over the death of a fake dog.

I cried. Then realized I was crying. Then I proceded to 'smh' and go to bed disappointed in myself. And in the advertising company for the movie. Then I thought about Marley again and cried myself to sleep.


Monday, January 24, 2011


So I must admit I made an exciting discovery tonight. Or maybe that is a re-discovery. I love music. That's not the discovery. THE discovery is of this little website called Grooveshark.

It;s basically a website where you can not only find music and listen to it for free (think Pandora), but you can also set up your own playlists and share with people. I decided the best way to share the first playlist I made would be on this blog. You can also tweet and facebook said playlists.

Honestly though, whats more exciting than sharing music with people. The kind of music you listen to helps define who you are, always in a positive way I feel. It's also fun to listen to some songs you may have never heard before. So big win for Grooveshark!

Check out the little playlist I made on the bottom left of this blog. (fun fact, every time I mess with the playlist on grooveshark, it updates here! Neat o)

Friday, December 10, 2010

And now....Blogging sites.

So, this should be noted. In a separate post no less. I have been on 3 different blogging sites. Blogger, Tumblr, and Wordpress. I'm not an expert on the whole blogging world but there seems to be alot of differences in all of the blogging sites and I am going to note them here.
I chose blogger because I noticed a large section of people used blogger and also its easier to keep up with? Blogger is with Google, and that probably has something to do with it. Google makes everything better. Cell phones, e-mail, calenders, maps, even searching for things on the web! So blogger was the one I wanted to try. My 3rd team, if you will. I took my talents to Blogger.
Tumblr is a strange combination of Twitter and Apple products. I liked it though. No hate on Tumblr. Posts were set up sort of like tweets, and you have different kinds of posts. Like before I would start a new post, I would have to pick if it was going to be a quote, or a picture, or if I was actually going to write. That's kinda unique. Maybe its streamlined blogging?
And there's Wordpress. I used Wordpress for almost 3 years. Many tangents were had. Many links. Many laughs. Wordpress is probably the easiest to use, at least with fancy stuff, and Wordpress widgets > Blogger Gadgets. Seriously Blogger? Gadgets? Also, the most popular Gadgets include a fishbowl emulator and a countdown to the 2010 World Cup. Not exactly relevant.
But, for here on out it looks like Blogger will be my blogging of choice. It's simple, and does everything I need to, so I am cool with it. Long live Blogger! (and the others, in fact, long live blogging!)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My 3rd blog!

It happened folks!

I started a new blog. Another one. My 3rd one. On my 3rd different blogging site no less. Unless you count Twitter. Which is technically a 'micro-blogging' site. But nobody counts Twitter. Also, as you can see on the right, I am not the most riveting tweeter.

However, I am re-blogging. Why? Well, a combination of reasons. I like to, for starters. But also I felt it would be good to share people on what it is that I do and how everything is going and cool little nuggets of information like that. You also can learn more about me and why I choose to work in vocational Christian ministry.

When I started my first blog, it was a means to an end for me to tangent about various subjects. My 2nd blog (which is linked here by the way) was to update everyone on my overseas adventures as I studied. Number 3 shall be, well, both an update AND tangent place. Though I will refrain from too many tangents, because, well, tangents lead to.... a boring read. Also, things I regret typing as soon as I hit 'Publish'. Sort of like when you say something you shouldn't. I'm good at that.

So I hope you enjoy and follow along!